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Addressing the needs of underserved populations in the development of HIT products and services 

  • Promote innovation and customization of HIT in underserved populations 
  • Promote entrepreneurship and connect investors to opportunities
  • Serve as an incubator for HIT solutions with a focus on underserved populations and conduct pilot testing 


Protecting the interests of underserved and at-risk communities to help them benefit from HIT. 

  • Evaluating and informing policy/regulation/public programming
  • Analyzing and identifying impact to guide future directions
  • Assuring that there are no unintended consequences
  • Educating the public around needs, opportunities and accomplishments

Advance basic and translational science on reducing health disparities and underserved populations

  • Supporting research studies and clinical trials focused on HIT and underserved populations 
  • Engaging multiple stakeholders including underserved populations for research
  • Analysing and disseminating population health statistics 

Ensuring a responsive and inclusive HIT workforce

  • Promoting interest and opportunities in HIT careers in engaged communities
  • Assisting industry in developing an inclusive workforce
  • Working with industry to improving community relevant competencies
  • Increasing availability of HIT workforce in underserved communities

Community is the centerpiece of everything we do at the NHIT Collaborative.

  • Development of common agenda
  • Sharing knowledge and resources
  • Providing mutual support
  • Promoting private sector collaboration and engagement
  • Convening for thought leadership, advisory assistance and education