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Join NHIT in building a diverse and innovative workforce for tomorrow by sponsoring an intern from our program.

Why Sponsor an Intern?

Empower Diversity: Provide opportunities to talented individuals from minority and underserved communities. Foster Innovation: Support future innovators who bring unique solutions to healthcare disparities. Make an Impact: Develop a skilled, diverse workforce dedicated to improving healthcare access and outcomes.

What Your Sponsorship Provides:

Real-World Experience: Interns gain hands-on experience in health IT, working on impactful projects. Professional Development: Mentorship, training, and networking opportunities. Community Engagement: Involvement in initiatives addressing social determinants of health.

How to Sponsor an Intern:

Your support helps cover stipends, training, and project resources, ensuring our interns have what they need to succeed.

Join Us in Building a Better Future

Support an intern and contribute to a movement towards equity and inclusion in healthcare. Together, we can create a brighter, healthier future for everyone.

Thank you for your commitment to fostering the next generation of healthcare leaders.

For more information on sponsoring an intern, please contact us.


Event Success: Ensure successful execution of impactful events addressing critical healthcare issues.

Why Sponsor NHIT Events?

Maximize Reach: Gain visibility among industry leaders, policymakers, and community stakeholders.

Foster Collaboration: Encourage networking and partnerships that address healthcare disparities.

Impact Communities: Support events that focus on equitable healthcare solutions and innovation.

What Your Sponsorship Provides: High-Profile Exposure: Showcase your commitment to health equity at premier NHIT events.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with key players in health IT and underserved community advocates.

Event Success: Ensure successful execution of impactful events addressing critical healthcare issues.

How to Sponsor NHIT Events:

Your sponsorship helps cover event costs, including logistics, materials, and speaker engagements, ensuring successful and impactful gatherings.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing healthcare innovation and equity. For more information on sponsoring NHIT events, please


Join NHIT as an annual contributor and play a crucial role in promoting health equity and innovation.

Why Become an Annual Contributor?

Sustained Impact: Provide continuous support to initiatives that drive health equity.
Enhance Visibility: Strengthen your organization’s reputation as a leader in health innovation.
Foster Progress: Help NHIT develop long-term solutions to healthcare disparities.

What Your Contribution Supports:

Ongoing Programs: Fund initiatives that address social determinants of health and promote equitable care.
Research and Development: Support groundbreaking research and the development of innovative health IT solutions.
Community Engagement: Enhance NHIT’s efforts to connect with and support underserved communities.

How to Become an Annual Contributor:

Your annual contribution ensures NHIT has the resources needed to sustain and expand our impactful programs and initiatives.

Thank you for your dedication to fostering health equity and innovation.

For more information on becoming an annual contributor, please

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